Atlas, MillPont’s flagship environmental claims' clearing solution


In the agricultural sector, the management of carbon and environmental attributes faces a significant challenge due to the scattered nature of data across private and public market initiatives. This fragmentation complicates the process of verification and heightens the risk of “double counting,” where the same claim may be issued more than once, undermining the credibility and uniqueness of these environmental assets.

Introducing MillPont’s Atlas, a trusted data-layer and hub for cross-verifying and authenticating data, ensuring that each claim is unique, addressable, and authentic. Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption paired with proprietary design elements modeled after the commodity exchange and financial settlement mechanisms, Atlas reconciles and consolidates data related to environmental claims while maintaining data security and privacy of market participants.

Through the centralized verification of claims, this fintech solution provides data-backed assurance that enhances the credibility of environmental assets and establishes a solid foundation for market growth and scale.

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